The Father James Alberione Story


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A 50 minute version of the film is available to stream or download here.

Viewing “Media Apostle” is a very simple process using Vimeo on Demand. Two options are available:

1. Buy (you can download the video and keep it on your computer forever, as well as stream anytime)
2. Rent (a 72 hour period that you may watch the film on your computer or internet-connected device)

To choose one of these options either watch the trailer and select an option on the screen after its completion, or simply click on the blue play arrow at the top right corner of the trailer above:

This is the button to click in the trailer above

Vimeo will prompt you to create a password with your information. This will allow you to log in anytime (at to download or view (if you selected Buy) or to watch within 72 hours (if you selected Rent.)

The film is available to stream or download in full HD resolution, great for large screens or presentations!

You can also find a very informative FAQ provided by Vimeo here.



Cover for the DVD of Media Apostle: The Father James Alberione Story

The DVD is available in English and includes both the 90 minute and 50 minute versions of the film. The DVD is only formatted in NTSC, which is used in USA/Canada. If you are not sure what format your country uses, we highly recommend the streaming version above!


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