The Father James Alberione Story


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Featuring prayers by Blessed James Alberione, the Founder of the Pauline Family who is known as “the first apostle of the new evangelization,” as well as prayers arising from the hearts of Paulines living today, this prayer book will help you meet the challenges of our ever-evolving world with courage and faith. The prayers in this collection — some of which are in print for the first time — stem from the Pauline reflection that God desires to be part of our daily life, and wants us to reach out to reclaim the world for the Gospel. Contains Fr. Alberione’s prayers mentioned in the film!

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Thecla A Prophetic Voice In Media Evangelization

Thecla: A Prophetic Voice in Media Evangelization traces Thecla’s path through the first half of the twentieth century when she first emerged as the humble leader of a new adventure in the Church’s history. As early as 1915, she believed that women could be associated with the active preaching apostolate through the “Good Press,” and in collaboration with Blessed James Alberione, she made that charismatic gift to the Church a reality.

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Blessed James Alberione – Media Apostle

Capturing his beginnings as a seminarian and his contributions as a pioneer of Catholic media and a founder of various congregations, this 32nd volume in the Encounter the Saints series familiarizes children ages 9-12 with the life story of Blessed James Alberione.

128 pages / $7.95


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James Alberione: Apostle for our Times

Without any attempt to canonize the man by making him any more or less human than he was, Father Rolfo has traced for us here the profile of a man of prayer and action which, above all, has the merit of presenting us with a realistic image of an extraordinary individual who perfectly integrated into himself the obligations of his priestly vocation and the sense of immediacy which is so characteristic of the people of our times.

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Blessed James Alberione Prayer Cards

3″ x 6″ prayer cards with a prayer for the media written by Blessed James Alberione. Sold in packs of 25.

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Venerable Mother Thecla Prayer Cards

3″ x 6″ prayer cards with a prayer written by Venerable Mother Thecla. Sold in packs of 25.

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